Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund I


Aklero provides loan deficiency detection solutions for the mortgage lending industry. Aklero’s systems use technology and sophisticated processing to identify and cure mortgage loan problems in a manner that is far more efficient than traditional loan evaluation. Mortgage lenders and investors who use Aklero get cleaner loans faster and at less cost. 


Biopticon Corporation

Biopticon   Corporation is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of next-generation   measurement and data management systems for preclinical animal studies.   Biopticon’s proprietary solutions give researchers performing oncology   preclinical animal studies, the ability to accelerate the drug development   process by improving the performance, throughput, cost effectiveness, and   flexibility of their preclinical animal studies studies. A comprehensive line   of products and services is offered that provides users with data that is   critical to the determination of accurate results in pre-clinical testing.   Customers include pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, clinical   research organizations, and biotechnology companies.


Carnegie Speech Company

Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech enables cost-effective, scalable and personalized spoken-language instruction that maximizes training effectiveness and minimizes training time. With years of linguistic research, world-class technology and language tutoring expertise, Carnegie Speech provides language training products to a diverse and global clientele. 


Ceptaris Therapeutics Inc.

Ceptaris Therapeutics Inc., formerly Yaupon Therapeutics, Inc, is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company, is developing a proprietary formulation of mechlorethamine gel for the treatment of early stage (stages I-IIA) mycosis fungoides, a type of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Based upon results of a recently completed trial, Ceptaris submitted a new drug application (NDA) with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011. If approved, Ceptaris’ investigational drug would be the first topical mechlorethamine product available to treat the signs and symptoms of this rare cancer. Ceptaris has augmented its management team with the addition of a number of experienced pharmaceutical executives as it approaches regulatory filing and potential commercialization of mechlorethamine gel.


Melior Discovery Inc

Melior   Discovery Inc (Exton, PA) has pioneered a unique, optimized, high throughput   pharmacology platform that is able to systematically identifynovel indications for   pre-clinical and development stage drug candidates. Melior also applies this   expertise to the provision of a range of essential pre-clinical and discovery   services for clients in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, including   pharmacokinetic evaluations, efficacy models and bioanalytical testing.  

NanoPack Inc.

NanoPack   Inc. is a materials science company that has developed and is marketing   cost-performance, environmentally-friendly barrier coatings and coated film   for the packaging industry, particularly for the $15 billion food-packaging   sector where protection of contents from oxygen is important for shelf life.   The Company has successfully produced and has released its first commercial   products, which are in testing with several of the world’s largest suppliers   of packaging film suppliers (e.g. converters).



SkillSurvey®,   Inc. is the inventor of Web 2.0 reference-checking solutions that increase   recruiting efficiency and improve quality-of-hire. Its web-based programs   allow HR teams to collect feedback from references on a candidate’s behaviors   prior to the hire. This patent-pending approach is based on 30 years of   research in job competency modeling.


STARR Life Sciences Corp.

STARR   Life Sciences Corp. manufactures the MouseOx Plus®, the world’s first and   only patented noninvasive vital signs monitor specifically designed for small   laboratory animals.  The MouseOx® and The MouseOx Plus® are being used   by well over 1,000 researchers and veterinarians from Universities,   Pharmaceutical Companies, and Contract Research Organizations.



TL –   ticketleap.com – Chris Stanchak founded TicketLeap in 2003 to bring   professional-grade ticketing to events too small to get the attention of the   big ticketing companies. He saw an opportunity to put cutting-edge ticketing   in the hands of every event organizer, whether they were selling 100 tickets   or 100,000 tickets. Today, TicketLeap is the fastest growing ticketing   company in the U.S. for small-to-midsize events, helping over 8,000 event   organizers increase their sales and simplify their ticketing.


Molecular Detection Inc.

 Molecular Detection Inc. (MDI), with offices in Wayne, PA and Jerusalem, Israel, is developing and commercializing a portfolio of sample-to-answer, Detect-Ready molecular diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases. The company’s first product is a ready-to-use rapid detection DNA probe screening test for MRSA. These staph infections represent a growing problem to the healthcare system because they cause high mortality, are resistant to treatment, and are easily spread in hospitals.

Successful MRSA control efforts rely on screening potential carriers to prevent the spread of the disease. The Detect-Ready MRSA test provides increased accuracy, faster time to results and more efficient utilization of hospital resources compared to other MRSA diagnostic products. MDI’s real-time PCR tests are based on novel patent-pending technologies for differential diagnosis and room temperature stabilization.