Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund II 



AboutOne.com is secure and easy-to-use online family management journal that helps busy   families manage what matters most: family memories and household information.   AboutOne.com was designed to help manage this information in a fun and fast   way. AboutOne’s online family organizer enhances your existing calendar and   contacts tools with online filing and reporting to automatically organize,   store, and share family memories and household paperwork. This is the “go to”   place to keep your family running smoothly.


Andante Medical Devices, Inc.

Andante Medical Devices, Inc. (White Plains, NY) develops, manufactures, markets and services patented Functional Feedback Therapy (FFT) systems that use audio and visual biofeedback to help re-train the brain to get rid of bad habits following a trauma and to quickly re-learn how to walk correctly again. The Andante team consists of experts in rehabilitative medicine, biomedical engineering, and physical therapy. 



CloudMine   is a platform that eliminates the need for mobile app developers to build   custom backend solutions for their mobile apps. Development of server-side   components is expensive, repetitive, and distracts from perfecting your app.   In the mobile world, developers need to focus on front end (what the user   sees on their phone) and back end (what makes the app work). CloudMine lowers   the barrier to entry for mobile development for independent developers, small   shops, and enterprises. 



Cloudnexa is a managed services provider working with clients who want to realize the full utility power of cloud computing. With proven experience in delivering scalable, secure cloud infrastructures across private, public and government clouds, Cloudnexa provides the necessary value added services and expertise customers need to realize the true cost savings and technical value proposition of the cloud. With no upfront cost, and no long term contracts, Cloudnexa’s Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS) offering is unmatched by the competition and allows customers to only pay for services once they are consuming cloud. As an AWS authorized reseller and Premier Partner, Cloudnexa has been leading the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) experience with their revolutionary Cloud Management tool (vNOC) which is a complete complement to the AWS console and provides value added services in the areas of billing, resource management, governance and compliance.



Immunome is a start-up bio-pharmaceutical company with a patented native, human antibody platform which enables us to harness the natural curative power of the human immune system. We believe that the novel antibodies generated by the human immune system have unique properties that may provide significant clinical benefit compared to those made by artificial systems such as mice or bacteria. We are using this game-changing technology to develop novel therapies for infections which currently have no or inadequate treatment options.


Molecular Detection Inc.

Molecular   Detection Inc. (MDI), with offices in Wayne, PA and Jerusalem, Israel,   is developing and commercializing a portfolio of sample-to-answer,   Detect-Ready molecular diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious   diseases. The company’s first product is a ready-to-use rapid detection DNA   probe screening test for MRSA. These staph infections represent a growing   problem to the healthcare system because they cause high mortality, are   resistant to treatment, and are easily spread in hospitals.

Successful MRSA control efforts rely on screening potential carriers to   prevent the spread of the disease. The Detect-Ready MRSA test provides   increased accuracy, faster time to results and more efficient utilization of   hospital resources compared to other MRSA diagnostic products. MDI’s   real-time PCR tests are based on novel patent-pending technologies for   differential diagnosis and room temperature stabilization. 



Novira   is an antiviral drug discovery company launched in 2009 that is focused on   the discovery of novel, first-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of HBV   and HIV, two global diseases in need of better therapies. The company is led   by seasoned pharmaceutical industry executives with proven records of success   in drug discovery. The company has identified and is further optimizing a   promising pipeline of drugs that disrupt virus capsid assembly of HIV and HBV   using an efficient and innovative model of biomedical research.



MobileReactor   n/k/a OneTwoSee™ is a Philadelphia based company that has created a consumer   facing web and mobile portal that can be moderated in real time by the client   under the brand OneTwoSee™. The portal enables a viewer watching a program on   TV to engage with rich interactive content that is synchronized to what they   are watching on TV through a connected (e.g. a smart phone) device.   OneTwoSee™ allows TV viewers to play along with their favorite shows and   other viewers, in a fun and meaningful way and provides advertisers with a   sophisticated platform for reaching those viewers. 



Sidecar provides online retailers with the   industry’s first, 100% automated solution for Paid Search, Comparison   Shopping, On-site Personalization, and Personalized Email. Each component of   the platform is best-of-breed and as a complete suite it is unmatched in the   marketplace for cost and performanceSidecar is the only solution that engages   your customers through each phase of the purchase cycle – acquisition,   conversion, and retention.  This complete, system driven approach is a   breakthrough for online retailers, delivering outstanding performance at a   lower total cost.



TL –   ticketleap.com – Chris Stanchak founded TicketLeap in 2003 to bring   professional-grade ticketing to events too small to get the attention of the   big ticketing companies. He saw an opportunity to put cutting-edge ticketing   in the hands of every event organizer, whether they were selling 100 tickets   or 100,000 tickets. Today, TicketLeap is the fastest growing ticketing   company in the U.S. for small-to-midsize events, helping over 8,000 event   organizers increase their sales and simplify their ticketing.



WizeHive   is a collaboration platform which allows groups to share conversations,   notes, tasks, calendars, files, and other information in secure, private,   workspaces. Information can be entered from within WizeHive or via email,   Twitter, and mobile devices. Our form builder, data utilities, and workflow   tools enable collaboration around business process such as managing projects,   processing resumes, evaluating funding requests, scheduling development, and   more.



vcopious   provides systems and software services that creates virtual business   environments. The vcopious applications allow businesses to engage with   customers, prospects, employees, and partners to increase their productivity   and growth. vcopious virtual environments provide the greatest level of   choice and control to business users and IT teams, by ensuring they can   tightly manage costs, schedule, customer experience, system integration and   data security.