The Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Funds I & II, LP (MAG I & II) were created to bridge the gap between angel funding and institutional venture capital funding serving the Greater Philadelphia Region. These member-managed funds provide investors with an opportunity for active involvement in diversified venture capital investments throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Maryland. The funds seek to leverage various public and private funding resources and networks by providing equity capital to seed and early-stage, technology-based, high-growth companies. Fund members include experienced entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, institutions, and other accredited investors interested in realizing a high return on invested capital in Regional technology companies and being a key part of Regional growth. Modeled after the best practices of other successful angel funds operating around the country, MAG I & II are the first formally structured angel capital venture funds in the Greater Philadelphia Region and seek to intelligently leverage Regional and statewide funding and other public and private partnership opportunities.

MAG I was formed in January 2005, completed investments in 12 companies and has 89 angel and institutional investors. MAG II was formed in April 2009, completed investments in 14 companies and has 65 angel and institutional investors.  Both MAG I and MAG II have completed their funding cycles.




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